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Owner of Fox + Mane Salon, educator, and lover of all platinum blondes (and rainbows)

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Accepting new blonde/vivids clients for 2024

NEW CLIENTS  -  Please submit an inquiry before booking! If a new client booking is made without an inquiry, it will be declined and I will reach out to get more detail. 

About Zunny

Zunny is a hairstylist of 11 years, and studio owner of 7 years. She loves to focus on continuing education, to master the latest techniques and fuel passion and inspiration.


She specializes in platinum blonding and creative color services, prioritizing the integrity and health of the hair. 

She's traveled all over for classes, competitions and to work with her favorite brands. She went to San Antonio for the Oneshot Hair Awards, worked for Pulp Riot in Toronto, and worked with Design Me at the Toronto ABA


BTC Oneshot Creative Color Winner '23

3x BTC Oneshot Nominee

8x BTC Oneshot Top 100

3x Contessa Semifinalist


She loves creating relationships with her clients, customizing a plan to achieve their dream hair, and providing them with luxury blonding services!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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